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Your multi-platform poker system will include Texas Hold’em and Omaha cash-games, sit-and-go and scheduled tournaments, private tables, multi-table functionality, table chat and virtual gifting options. Your game will instantly have several hundred players already playing at the poker tables, thanks to our high player liquidity poker network.


Your casino games will feature the most popular slot machines and video poker games, as well as casino tournaments. All the currently available games include multi-level jackpots, as well as a loyalty rewards system based on bonus points. We are continuously adding new games, variants, and features to the selection to keep the experience fresh.


Your gaming solution will be available on the two biggest mobile platforms that count - Goolge Play for your Android app and the AppStore for your iOS app. If you wish to maximize your reach and your profits, we recommend our Advanced and Professional plans that also include Facebook and Browser platforms to have full coverage of your players.

Admin tools

​You will be able to monitor the growth of your players’ logins and the generated revenue in real-time through MGAME’s online administrative interface. You will also have access to all AppStore, Google Play, and Facebook Apps admin interfaces to have an official overview on your app’s performance and productivity.


Your social casino and poker apps are completely legal to operate and are not considered gambling anywhere in the world. All of your apps, websites, games and tournaments can be freely accessed by your players at zero cost. The virtual chips purchased in the game cannot be withdrawn in any way, cannot be exchanged for anything of real value, and can only be used in the game for playing purposes.

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      Business model


      For a one time setup fee you will own 100% of the revenues generated automatically by your apps through in-app purchases and ad views made by your users. Once your profit from your monthly revenues reaches the amount of your initial investment on setup, your royalty share will revert to 70%.


      As a casino app owner, you will receive timely and accurate payouts after your players on a monthly basis, using the payout method of your choice - via PayPal or bank transfer. No need to worry about anything, our accounting responsibles will handle your payouts personally so the transfers are never late and always precise.


      The MGAME Solutions gaming system and business model has been optimized over the course of over 10 years. All developments have been with a single purpose - to offer the most to our brand owners and their players. Our games, platforms, in-game features, social integrations, and admin tools all reflect this high level of commitment to our customers.






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      Enjoy our free Hold’em and Omaha games and tournaments

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      Play against the house on all of our free video poker games

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      “We have tested the waters in Europe and it seems the demand is high for poker in Eastern Europe. With a special focus on Eastern European countries, we have achieved over 100,000 active users and a monthly revenue of over $20,000 in the last 3 years.”

      David York
      store owner from California
      Hemen Casino

      “I knew that our community of Turks living in the New York region would be happy to have a Turkish language casino app that they can call their own. It turned out nicely and became a great addition to my income!”

      Aslan Badur
      restaurant owner from New York
      KnockOut Play

      Going to college taught me how to spot an opportunity. I bought a license from MGAME and started spreading the word around college. I even made bumper stickers! It went surprisingly fast - in a couple of months I made even, and the payouts keep coming.”

      Pamela Beychok
      University of Minnesota from Minneapolis

      Real-time network data

      Paying customers
      In-game purchases

      Price plans

      Choose a plan and the associated platform package to start your own online casino and poker service. As a valued partner, you will be able to access our partner support team with any question related to marketing, the system, or operations at any time. Our friendly specialist will answer your questions and aid you anytime you request assistance.

      left to purchase any of the plans at 20% off!

      Starter plan
      Start your business with the most
      popular mobile platforms
      $2,500 $1,999
      • checkmarkAndroid app on Google Play
      • checkmarkiOS app on AppStore
      • checkmarkUnique casino brand design
      • checkmarkFull system maintenance
      • checkmarkTechnical support
      • checkmarkBest practices info guide
      • checkmarkMGAME System access
      • checkmarkGoogle Play access
      • checkmarkiTunes Connect access
      • checkmarkUnity Ads reports


      Advanced plan
      Boost your revenue by also entering
      the world's largest social platform
      $3,125 $2,499
      • checkmarkIncludes STARTER PLAN
      • plusFacebook app
      • plusFacebook page
      • plusFacebook app admin access


      Professional plan
      Own your own website and earn +28% by selling directly to your players.
      $3,750 $2,999
      • checkmarkIncludes ADVANCED PLAN
      • plusBranded website
      • plusWebsite hosting
      • plusGlobal payment processing
      • plusStandalone browser game
      • plusGoogle Analytics access


      Choose your brand...

      Go live with your casino in only a couple of days if you choose from one of the available unique brands on sale.







      ...or choose custom branding

      Custom branded casino app (+$1,299)

      We will create you custom branded apps based on your unique name and design. Have your own name, logo or brand on the poker tables, card backgrounds and as your app’s icon. We will create the in-game and AppStore, Google Play and Facebook specific design elements for you, which will go live only after your approval.

      Choose additional features

      Want to maximize your revenues even further? Are you looking for even more customizations? Every additional service we offer adds great value to your app and sets it apart from everyone else, while reducing your workload as a brand owner.

      Custom designed slot game (+$699 / each)

      We will design a unique slot theme according to your specifications. Think up a theme, tell us the winning icons and have a bespoke slot game that features anything you wish. We will also create custom background music and win sounds for your customized slots.

      Custom poker tournament (+$199 / each)

      We will create and name your own poker tournaments and set them up according to your specifications in terms of timing, buy-in level, winnings and other poker rules. Offer something special to all your loyal players!

      Custom language localization (+$1,599 / each)

      Have your game fully localized to any language to reach out to more players or to focus on a community. The games convert much better if you offer the game in a local language and you can achieve much higher revenues.

      User support service (+$149 / month)

      We will take care of the day-to-day management of your users’ needs and questions concerning game play, payments, or any other related issue, whether they are in e-mail form or coming through any social, AppStore, Google Play, or Facebook platform.

      Weekly mail marketing campaigns (+$99 / month)

      Don’t worry about informing your users and reactivating them periodically. We will generate your newsletter e-mail lists and send your players purchase bonuses and extras to keep them in the game for the longest possible time.

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      Advanced plan$2,499
      One time cost$2,499
      Ongoing monthly fee$0
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      Estimated time to market10 days

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